Ball of light seen mysteriously glowing in the night in Siberia

ball of light

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A mysterious ball of light that appeared amidst the night sky was reportedly seen by locals across northern stretches of Russia just recently.

Those who’ve seen the orb of light took to social media to express their theories and guesses; many of which suggested alien sightings, while others proposed the mere trick of the light caused by the northern lights.

But the most probable theory would be that the creepy light was caused by the launching of Russia’s much-hyped Satan 2 Topol-M rockets. This was also on the same day that four ballistic missiles were fired during tests of Russia’s strategic nuclear forces. 

ball of light Siberia

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These ballistic missiles were blasted across most of the vast country from the Plesetsk in the west of Russia to the Kamchatka peninsula in Russia’s furthermost eastern point.

It is said as well that rocket launches at night can create interesting illusions in the sky. As these rockets go further upwards into the atmosphere, a combination of pre-dawn light and certain atmospheric conditions can result in odd tricks of the light.

Alexey Yakovlev, a photographer from Plesetsk, a town near the launch site, captured a breath-taking photo of the orb together with hints of the stunning aurora borealis, famously known as the northern lights.

Yakovlev posted his photo on VK, adding that, “”It seems I accidentally shoot the launch of a secret space rocket from Plesetsk.”

Mysterious ball of light

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Jonathan McDowell, an astrophysicist from the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics confirmed to National Geographic that the light was indeed because of missile tests.

He states that, “Four ballistic missiles were launched and at least one of them was widely observed. There is no doubt about the identification of these observations with the missile tests.”

Mysterious ball of light Siberia

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The Topol rocket was thought to have been what produced the light orb that people had seen. This was actually a pretty unique chance sighting, since this was produced by the plume of the missile’s exhaust coinciding with light from the sun’s rays.

In other words, if the missile tests were done later than the original time, it is very possible that the light orbs would never have been produced because the sun’s rays wouldn’t have struck the rocket exhaust.

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