This Sony Smart Contact Lens Will Let You Record Anything With the Blink of an Eye

Sony Smart Contact Lens

Every moment can now be “literally” captured using this Sony Smart Contact Lens

Contact lenses are currently being used as an alternative for those people having poor eye sight yet do not want to wear eye glasses. However, this new creation from Sony is totally different from any other contact lenses. Sony Smart Contact Lens enables anybody who wears it to instantly capture video!

One can turn on and off the recording with just a blink of an eye! This contact lens has sensors that can detect if the blink is intentional or unintentional. There is also data storage and image capture technology that are both held within the lens. More so, this contact lens is rechargeable! There are simple, piezoelectric sensors that allow the movements of the eye to charge the battery of this device.

Sony smart contact lens

Sony has already patented this blink powered contact lens. Aside from recording video, this contact lens can also take pictures. It is also equipped to get rid of blur, control focus and aperture, zoom and stabilize images, and correct tilted images. While recording video, your eyes cannot be stopped from blinking. But there’s no need to worry because Sony’s contact lens is able to delete black frames caused by blinking of the eye while recording.

This smart contact lens was designed by seven Japanese inventors. This genius idea that is still at the patent stage would greatly impact quantum reality, taking a significant leap forward. While this is still in the planning stage, big hopes are arising that this one will be successful. For now, all we have to do is just to wait and be excited for a hopefully successful outcome!

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