Carnival of Space #515

Carnival of Space

Welcome to the 508th edition of the Carnival of Space!

The Carnival of Space is a vibrant community of writers and bloggers sharing a common passion, the world that lies beyond our home planet. Each week the Carnival brings you the latest news from the interstellar community and The Evolving Planet is truly honoured to host this week’s edition!

This week, we’ll start things off with UniverseToday:

The Aerospike Engine Was Considered for the Shuttle, But Never Flew. That’s About to Change
by: Matt Williams

Gravitational Astronomy? How Detecting Gravitational Waves Changes Everything
by: Fraser Cain

Elon Musk Details His Vision for a Human Civilization on Mars
by: Matt Williams

Opportunity Reaches ‘Perseverance Valley’ Precipice – Ancient Fluid Carved Gully on Mars
by: Ken Kremer

From Next Big Future:

Spacex successfully launches again
by: Brian Wang

Elon Musk is rapidly climbing to become the world’s richest person
by: Brian Wang

Near term technology for a global big brother. Thousands of microsats could constantly observe the earth with 0.25 meter resolution, this would be one moving pixel for person.
by: Brian Wang

There is likely a Mars size planet in our solar system at twice the distance to Neptune
by: Brian Wang

Planet labs has about 150 five kilogram microsats that monitor the world at 3-5 meter resolution
by: Brian Wang

And to finish things off, from us at The Evolving Planet:

Regenerative health can now be better understood with the help of space-traveling flatworms
by: Donna Macpacpac

Mars is emerging from an ice age as it undergoes climate change, study shows
by: Nina Mortera

Recent study suggests that Mars was capable of supporting life longer than what was previously thought
by: Donna Macpacpac

And that is all for this weeks Carnival, I hope you learned something new! If you’re interested in looking back on past editions, you can check out the Carnival of Space archives. Be sure to check out next weeks Carnival which will be hosted by Links Through Space, hopefully we see you there!


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