Carnival of Space #527

Carnival of Space

Welcome to the 527th edition of the Carnival of Space!

The Carnival of Space is a vibrant community of writers and bloggers sharing a common passion, the world that lies beyond our home planet. Each week the Carnival brings you the latest news from the interstellar community and The Evolving Planet is truly honoured to host this week’s edition!

This week, we’ll start things off with UniverseToday:

This Weekend: The Moon Photobombs ‘Planet-palooza’ at Dawn
by: David Dickinson

Unexpected Solar Flare is Also the Largest in Twelve Years
by: Matt Williams

Gravitational Waves will let us see Inside Stars as Supernovae Happen
by: Matt Williams

Cassini Conducts a Final Flyby of Titan Before Crashing into Saturn
by: Matt Williams

From The Solstice Blog:

The feeling of experiencing the totality of the 2017 solar eclipse
by: Ryan Marciniak

Capturing some iconic images that should be on any astrophotographer’s bucket list
by: Ryan Marciniak

From Next Big Future:

Next Big Futures from now to 2027
by: Brian Wang

And to finish things off, from us at The Evolving Planet:

Mapping the universe with Canada’s new CHIME telescope
by: Nina Mortera

Elevated zinc and germanium levels on Mars bolster evidence for habitable environments
by: Nina Mortera

habitable environments mars

Is a big gravitational waves announcement about to happen?
by: Nina Mortera

And that is all for this weeks Carnival, I hope you learned something new! If you’re interested in looking back on past editions, you can check out the Carnival of Space archives. Be sure to check out next week’s Carnival which will be hosted by Urban Astronomer, hopefully we see you there!

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