June 2017

Worldwide Coal Consumption Drops For the Second Consecutive Year

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Burning coal seems to be slowly becoming a thing of the past, as the global demand for coal continues to go down for the second year in a row! Many nations have started this trend of declining the use of coal or black rock which is the most polluting fossil fuel, and have instead turned to other means. Image Source: www.worldcoal.org A recent report has shown that the [...]

Office developers in Dubai are paving the way towards going green!

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It is certain that the next generation offices of Dubai are going green! In fact, 81 percent of ongoing office project has LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification. This is the highest ration among global cities. Moreover, UAE is among the top 10 nations in LEED-certified buildings outside of the U.S. The LEED certification validates that a project is built and operates in specific optimum sustainable methods. However, [...]

Germany, Belgium, and Denmark Join Forces to Increase Europe’s Wind Power

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The installation of new and massive offshore wind farm projects is set to take place in the next decade, with the aim of increasing the current capacity of Europe by a whopping 500%! Countries involved include Germany, Denmark, and Belgium, who are also joined by other huge industries. Their leaders and representatives signed the joint statement just recently at Offshore Wind Energy 2017 in London. Image Source: iflscience.com [...]

Setting aside more money for mine rehabilitation by mining companies is a MUST, report shows

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All mining companies should allocate funds for mine rehabilitation. It is time for mining companies to save up more budget allocated for mine rehabilitation based on a damning report by New South Wales auditor general. Even though the security deposits given by the mining companies have risen from $500m (2005) to around $2.2bn (2016) for almost 450 mine sites in NSW, it was found out that the money [...]

HYPOS of Germany aims to produce hydrogen from green renewables

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HYPOS (Hydrogen Power Storage & Solutions East Germany) is a network of research institutions and companies based in Halle (Saale) in the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt in Germany. HYPOS is currently working on a project sponsored by the state of Saxony-Anhalt and German Federal Government. This aims to use renewable energy to produce green hydrogen so that there will be less dependency to petrol and other fossil fuels. Simens and [...]

Putting a stop to land clearing would have a major impact on the fight against carbon emissions

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A recent report has found that stopping the land clearing completely in Australia by the year 2020 could drastically cut the continent’s greenhouse gas emissions and would help the country achieve its 40 per cent of emission reductions target by 2030. The research firm known as RepuTex reports that ceasing all land clearing between 2021 and 2030 could save around 300-650m tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. This is around the [...]