August 2017

The first ever human head transplant is about to happen before 2017 Ends

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An Italian Neuroscientist, Sergio Canavero, shocked the world when he announced earlier this year that he will perform the very first human head transplant! Next to that, he made an announcement that the procedure is scheduled on December of this year! In relation to that, he has recruited a head surgeon (pun intended) to lead the contentious procedure. Though this operation may sound like of a horror movie, [...]

Human brain made smaller by a computer chip that mimics it functions and activities

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A chip that mimics function As science and technology advances, new inventions and innovations are flooding. One that stands out is the latest artificial neural networks, which is computer algorithms that are made through the inspiration of human brain. It has demonstrated fancy features like detecting lies, predicting heart attacks, and recognizing faces. Most of these computer chips fail to work properly, however a new innovation was made [...]

The war against aging

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"There is still a huge amount of resistance to the logic that aging is bad for you and that it's a medical problem that needs to be addressed", de Grey explains. "It's really, really extraordinary to me that it's so hard to get this through to people, but that is the way it is." -Aubrey de Grey The war against aging has been raging for ever and if [...]

Human Trials for Type 1 Diabetes Vaccine will begin in 2018

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After decades in the making, a prototype vaccine that can prevent Type 1 Diabetes in children is about to start on July next year. This prototype is not a cure and does not have the ability to eliminate the disease all together. However, it is expected to provide immunity against a certain virus that has been found to trigger the defences of the body into attacking itself. This [...]

July 2017

The tire of the future – Michelin’s vision is an organic, rechargeable, airless, and 3D-printed tire!

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The much awaited unique tire from Michelin Similar to the other companies in the automotive industry, Michelin is taking a glance into the future to envision what its products will look like someday. The product is a new tire idea that doesn't only look nice on the eyes but is also totally airless. This is what Michelin called the Vision concept tire! This one must really has to [...]

NASA and Honeywell claim they can reduce sonic booms over land, potentially bringing super sonic flight to the masses

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NASA, together with American multinational conglomerate Honeywell, claim they can reduce sonic booms over land, which will potentially bring super sonic flight to the masses. Honeywell also stated that this development can eliminate one of the number one barriers to the broad adoption of super sonic flight. Since Richard Nixon's administration during early 1970s, a ban on supersonic travel over U.S. soil has been in place. What is a sonic [...]