October 2017

Lake Erie turns into a ghostly green hue due to the harmful algal bloom

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Here are the striking satellite images of the Lake Erie in North America that has turned into a ghostly shade of green, likely due to a harmful algal bloom. These images were taken by the Operational Land Imager (OLI) onboard the Landsat 8 satellite on September 26, 2017. There were also pilots that flew over Lake Erie in the summer to map out the general scope of harmful algal blooms [...]

September 2017

Carnival of Space #527

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Welcome to the 527th edition of the Carnival of Space! The Carnival of Space is a vibrant community of writers and bloggers sharing a common passion, the world that lies beyond our home planet. Each week the Carnival brings you the latest news from the interstellar community and The Evolving Planet is truly honoured to host this week's edition! This week, we'll start things off [...]

November 2016

Birth Year May Predict if the Next Flu Pandemic Will Affect You

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[Image by PublicDomainImages via Pixabay] Researchers have found that, contrary to past belief, we do get immunity after all from flu viruses that we have never been infected with. One infection of influenza A virus confers lifelong protection against a host of other influenza A viruses of a similar subtype as the one that infected you. Influenza A viruses include the bird flu virus. The study focused specifically on [...]