New class of antibiotic has been developed in the hope of defeating multi-drug resistant gonorrhea

Recently, the World Health Organization warned people that the multi-drug resistant gonnorhea is a serious threat to health. In relation to this, researchers finally discovered a drug that can be a threat against the antibiotic resistant gonorrhea. Due to the serious concern brought by this multi-drug resistant gonorrhea, it is hoped that this new class of antibiotic can help stop its spread.

new gonorrhea antibiotic

The researchers said that it is still early, however the experiments conducted in the lab are promising. In the most recent study published in the journal Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, it was reported that the new antibiotic has killed off 146 out of 149 samples of drug-resistant gonorrhea. The next challenge is to test the antibiotic, known as closthioamide, in live animals and humans.

“The results of our initial laboratory studies show that closthioamide has the potential to combat N. gonorrhoeae, explains the lead author Victoria Miari in a statement. “Further research is needed, but its potential to successfully tackle this infection, as well as other bacteria, cannot be underestimated.”

The world is currently on the verse of antibiotic crisis, and that is free of exaggeration. The World Health Organization has mentioned that antibiotic resistance is one of the “biggest threats to global health”, along with numerous warning that as the bacteria continue to evolve to overcome our medicine, we cannot keep up the same pace in making new drugs to replace them. This put us in a critical point.

“Antibiotic resistance, combined with the reduction of drug development, is one of the biggest health issues facing the world today, Miari says. “The problem threatens to render many human and animal infections untreatable, including gonorrhea.”

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