This Is What The Earth Could Look Like 100 Million Years From Now

earth 100 million years from now

Continents have been shifting for millions and millions of years due to Earth’s tectonic plates moving independently. Remember the supercontinent of Pangea? Researchers believe it looked something like the image below, although there are many different views on this.


The supercontinent existed until it began to rip itself apart about 200 million years ago, bringing continents to where they reside now. It’s hard to calculate exactly how much each plate moves but when looking at the data put forth by many researchers, we know that they move somewhere between 1 – 10 cm each year.

This video created by SpaceRip depicts what our planet’s continents looked like 600 million years ago, how they were thought to have evolved up until our present day, and how they may end up 100 million years from now.

Check out the video!

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