Say Goodbye to Plastic Bottles and Say Hello to the Edible Water

Ooho edible water

Edible Water Bottle Orb created by Skipping Rocks Lab Aims to Eradicate the use of  Plastic Drinking Bottle in the World

Only one out of five plastic bottles is being recycled according to Environmental Center of Colorado. The other four contribute to the 3 billion pounds of plastic bottles accumulated to the land fills each year. These plastic bottles emit one hundred times more greenhouse gases than a litre of tap water. A concrete figure that certainly adds up in harming mother nature.

This alarming problem that Earth is facing caught the attention of the scientists at Skipping Rocks Lab. It provoked them to think of a green way that would lessen the use of plastic water bottles until it becomes totally out of the picture.

water bottle pollution

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Successfully, they have come up with ‘Ooho’, an edible plastic water bottle that has a biodegradable capsule made from calcium chloride and sodium alginate, a seaweed product. This completely freezes out the need to put the water inside a plastic bottle! Not only is Ooho eco-friendly but it is also cheaper in comparison to producing plastic water bottles.

Due to its size, it is perfect for any one and can be easily carried. Just like water bottles, flavours and colours can be added to Ooho as well. The outer layer can also be peeled off to keep it clean for consumption.

There are plans to introduce this creation in major events like music festivals and marathons as part of their trial strategy.

With this smart invention, the world can now lessen the consumption of plastic bottles. It can be of big help to pull down the number of plastic debris in the ocean which is now roughly 5.25 trillion pieces.

Learn more at Skipping Rocks Lab.

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