Check out the breathtaking blue hole found in the Great Barrier Reef

A mysterious “blue hole” in the Great Barrier Reef has been discovered by marine biologists based in the Whitsunday Islands.

Blue holes are actually marine caverns or sinkholes that are deeper than their surrounding sea areas. This is owed to the consequence of erosion during the last Ice Age, when the sea level was lower than today.

diver in Great Barrier Reef hole

Johnny Gaskell discovered the beautiful blue hole, filmed it, and posted on his Instagram.

He said, “After spotting this blue hole on Google maps, we decided to head far offshore, further than our normal Reef trips to see what dwelled within. What we found inside was hard to believe considering 5 months ago a category 4 cyclone went straight over the top of it.”

Great Barrier Reef Hole

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And since the Great Barrier Reef stretches for 2,300 kilometers along the northeast coast of Australia, it’s pretty unsurprising that the blue hole was much further out and hidden within one of the reef’s biggest lagoons.

Gaskell adds on his Instagram post that, “At around 15 to 20 meters deep, there were huge Birdsnest Corals (Seriatopora) and super elongated Staghorn Corals (Acropora), both of which were among the biggest and most delicate colonies I’ve ever seen. It’s not as deep as the famous Great Blue Hole in Belize but it is a really unique spot.”

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