The Bobbit Worm: A Horror Of The Ocean

bobbit worm

Feast your eyes on the bobbit worm. This terror of a creature lies buried at the bottom of the ocean just waiting to ruin every life-form that comes near. Looks adorable right?


Those pincers coming off its head are like razor sharp scissors and are so powerful that it can cut some fish right in half. Imagine stepping on this little guy? To make them even more terrifying, these worms can grow up to 3 METERS long. Thankfully however, most of them grow only around a meter…only.

bobbit worm

The Bobbit Worm stays buried beneath the sand and senses its prey through five antennas that stick out, waiting for some innocent fish to come by so it can begin decapitation. If the prey is large, the Bobbit Worm will pull it into its hole. Repeatedly biting at the fish, and pulling it deeper and deeper, to prevent escape. After that researchers are unsure what comes next. I imagine it wraps up the fish with its long disgusting body while feeding on it.

This creature is what nightmares are made of.

Imagine a 3 meter Bobbit worm grabbing your foot and trying to pull you down into its lair. Your probably thinking that wouldn’t happen, but they will attack humans. Not to the extent that they will try and drag us into their lair, but they are known to bite people if they go too close.

The Bobbit Worm ladies and gentlemen! If you want to turn your dreams into nightmares, check out these videos of this repulsive creature:

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