How animals see the world in comparison to humans

All creatures see the world in different ways. As this infographic from GAP outlines, while the human eye is pretty amazing, other animals see the world in their own unique way. For example, many people believe that dogs see in black and white but this isn’t true at all. Their colour vision isn’t quite as good as ours and they mainly see in browns, blues, and yellows. The reason behind this is that they have fewer colour detecting cells than we do. However, they have better peripheral vision than humans at 250 degrees compared to our 180 degrees.

On the flip side of that, birds can actually see far better than humans. This is because they have four cone cells compared to our three. Each cone cell also contains a small drop of coloured oil that humans lack.

Sharks are another interesting case as even though tests have shown they have very little ability to see colour, they can see ten times better than we do in murky water. That is where they live after all! Find out more in the infographic.

how animals see the world

An infographic by the team at GAP NSW

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