India is about to be the first in the world to run all its ports on green energy

India is about to become the very first in the world to run all government ports on green energy.

In New Delhi, all the twelve major domestic ports will switch to renewable energy in a short while. This will meet their power requirements in making India the first country to have all government ports running on wind and solar energy. The government is planning to install wind and solar power generators at the ports by 2019 as said by the officials.

The generators will produce 200 megawatts. Roughly 50 megawatts of this comes from wind power and 150 megawatts will be from solar power. In the following years, the capacity could be ramped up to 500 megawatts.

One senior government official who wish not to be identified said, “Total initial investment in the project is expected to be Rs 500 crore. These renewable energy projects will help in reduction of carbon emission and lead to improvement of environment around the ports.”

Moreover, the government has also made up their mind to meet the power requirements of “smart cities” rising around ports such as Kandla Port and Paradip Port, to be met through green renewable power sources. The official uttered, “All our ports are cash-rich and we made total profit of Rs 5,000 crore in the last fiscal. The ports have started the process of setting up renewable energy projects from profits.”

In total, 7 megawatt solar projects have already been commissioned at Kolkata port, Vishakhapatnam port, VO Chidambaranar Port, New Mangalore Port, and Mumbai Port. The other solar power projects will be commissioned in phases and expected to be totally complete by 2019. These are part of the shipping ministry’s green port initiative.

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