Mount Hope is the new tallest mountain in the UK territory

A new record has been set in the United Kingdom, as British Antarctic Survey (BAS) reports that the tallest mountain is no longer Mount Jackson (standing at 10,446 feet) nor is it Ben Nevis (at 4,412 feet). The tallest mountain on record that belongs to the UK territory is now Mount Hope, which is situated within the Antarctica peninsula, and stands at a height of 10,627 feet!

But how exactly did this happen? Has Mount Hope only just been discovered, or have there been earthquakes that have caused its height to change suddenly? The answer is no.

Mount Hope

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This change was actually brought about by errors in measuring the mountains themselves, and no, this is not just a case of it being measured from the peak of the mountain to down below to its sea level base. Instead they are measured the traditional way, with a bit of trigonometry!

Scientists have used the ground-based distance as well as the angle between the peak and the two points to come up with an estimate. They did this multiple times, and the height obtained was the average of them all.

This method was then augmented using satellite technology, which gave a more accurate measurement of the mountain heights using the lines of sight between satellites and communication towers.

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With the case of Mount Hope, it seems that height may have been underestimated because of factors. These factors could include: the curvature and shape of the planet, and even the misjudgment on where exactly the mountain may be located in relation to the clouds.

Luckily enough, cartographers at the BAS got to work in reassessing the height of the mountains using the most up-to-date satellite data, combined with digital elevation models (DEMs). These DEMs are actually three-dimensional replicas of the landscape based on the data obtained. Cool!

In the end, the results were clear as day. Mount Hope is the tallest mountain in the UK, beating Mount Jackson by around 50 meters (160 feet).

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