Watch Omron’s Guinness Record-Holding Robot FORPHEUS Help People Play Table Tennis


Artificial intelligence has come a long way and with the integration of human abilities, it seems like the future is already beneath us.

Just recently, the Guinness World Records has recognized a neat robot called FORPHEUS that can teach humans in playing ping-pong. Japanese technology firm OMRON, where FORPHEUS hails from, can now add the title for its robot as the world’s first mechanical table tennis tutor, reports MSN.

The AI robot FORPHEUS can be seen in a demo video where its developer Taku Oya shows onlookers how to play ping-pong for a few minutes. The octopus-looking robot sports a paddle that moves to counter the opposing player’s moves. It makes use of artificial intelligence in learning its opponent’s abilities during the play.

Camera sensors catch ball and player movements

The AI also gets help from a couple of vision sensors and a motion sensor, all of which react to the ball and the human player’s moves at 80 times per second. According to the Guinness World Records‘ website, the camera sensors also allows the robot to show its human counterpart a projected image of the return ball’s landing, so┬ábeginners can learn easier.

Lead developer Oya at Omron Corporation said that the company envisions a future with machines and humans living in synch, and that making FORPHEUS was a start, even with table tennis.

The robot FORPHEUS was made by OMRON last 2013. The known Japanese company showcased their creation at the Elecrama event last year in Bangalore, according to Catch News.

Takumi Nippon Project lead Vihag Kulshrestha of the Guiness World Records Japan Co. , Ltd. said that the world record now being held by FORPHEUS is a record for the project itself. “I am very pleased to be able to convey Japan’s wonderful artisanship to people all over the world,” added Kulshrestha.

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