Energy Independence was Achieved on a Danish Island by Going Green

Farmers going green

As farmers in Samo, Denmark started adopting renewable energy, they were able to save millions of dollars per year in imported fossil fuel energy.

Denmark was known as completely dependent country on imported oil for decades. Not until it was severely affected by oil crises during 1970s. This moved the Danish community to take a new path to meet the growing needs for energy and, at the same time, to address environmental concerns.

As they face this challenge, Denmark has shown that environmental and economic policies can actually go hand in hand. Successfully, this country becomes a global leader in the development of new solutions and sustainable technologies.

As part of their superb idea, they focused on how to become energy independent.

Soren Hermansen, Director of Samso Energy Academy, believes that farmers are rational-thinking people. So if something makes sense, they will go for it. This started his zeal to persuade local low-income farmers of Samo, Denmark to “go green.” Hermansen intelligently translated scientific concepts into concrete, practical benefits so that people could understand. For instance, he taught how leasing land could bring income by building a wind turbine.  He also educate the farmers that a more energy-efficient house has higher market value.

renewable energy Denmark
Hermansen’s efforts became fruitful! The community of Samo has now -3.7 tons emission, a kind of carbon negative emission. Their local farming community is now exporting $3 million worth of renewable energy per year! Today, Samo has more visitors than its 4,000 residents. People of different ethnicity  got interested on how Samo, Denmark was able to adopt renewable energy and they want to learn how to do it for their own country as well.

Danish companies know that no single technology can ever do the trick by itself alone – no matter how effective and innovative it is. That’s why they humbly compliment each other. As a result, Denmark became a global leader in producing integrated end-to-end solutions for the growing needs internationally.

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