These Interactive Visualizations Allow You To See Satellites And Space Debris Orbiting Earth

satellites orbiting Earth

Did you know Earth’s orbit is incredibly crowded with satellites and many other pieces of space debris? According to NASA’s Orbital Debris Program Office, there is an estimated 500,000 pieces of debris between 1 and 10 centimeters and around 21,000 pieces larger than 10 centimeters spinning around Earth at this very moment.¬†Thanks to two awesome websites, we are able to see all the satellites and pieces of debris travelling around us.

The first website, Stuff In Space, was designed by a young programmer named James Yoder, who spoke with Popular Science¬†stating, “The website displays anything currently trackable – low-Earth orbit, geosynchronous, and anything else there is.

The second website includes a visualization created by Alex Rasmussen, displaying active satellites, inactive satellites, and space debris floating around Earth. You can find this website here.

I should warn you that these visualizations sometimes do not work on Mac computers.

Hope you enjoyed these awesome visualizations!

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