Snail Sucks Up Worm Like Spaghetti – You Will Never Look At Snails The Same Way Again

This giant carnivorous snail is called Powelliphanta, also known as an amber snail. They can grow to be about 3.6 inches long, which is about the size of a fist! Who knew snails could grow that big? This snail originates from New Zealand, where most horrifying giant insects live. If you hate bugs, don’t ever step foot on that island.

If you don’t believe me, the worlds largest insect was discovered in New Zealand, known as the Weta Bug. This Weta Bug found had a wing span of seven inches, and the weight of three mice. Here is a beautiful picture of this repulsive creature chomping down a large carrot.

snail sucks up worm

Why is someone holding this thing in their hand and feeding it?!

Moving on. These snails hunt defenceless earthworms as a main part of their diet and consume them incredibly fast, sucking the worm up like spaghetti. Whenever you think of snails, you think of how slow they are, but these big guys actually have lightning fast reflexes. The snail snatches the worm up in a blink of an eye, then begins to feast. The snail is able to suck the worm down like spaghetti because their mouth is like a radula, breaking down their prey and scraping the worm into digestible bits. This is what a radula looks like if you are not aware:


That is the inside of the snails mouth, absolutely terrifying. The worms don’t stand a chance! So in light of this information, enjoy the video!

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