Have You Ever Wondered What Space Sounds Like?

NASA recently released a variety of sounds from space that have been collected over the last half century. Many of you may be thinking that there is no sound in space, which is true to a point, as sound in space does not exist since it has nothing to travel through.

For example, in order for sound to travel there has to be molecules for it to move through, and on Earth, sound travels through vibrating air molecules. In space, since there is large empty areas between stars and planets, there are no molecules to vibrate through.

However, since technology is awesome, scientists have discovered ways of capturing noise through the use of special instruments on certain space probes such as Yoyager. These instruments convert electromagnetic vibrations into sound. Scientists are able to convert these vibrations into sound because electromagnetic vibrations pulsate in similar wavelengths. The video explains this process more, so check it out!

These sounds are from several planets and other parts of our solar system:

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