There’s Stellar Sounds Coming From A Distant Star


It is rare to detect sounds coming from the galaxy, and that is why it is quite surprising when instruments suddenly detect sounds in the deep space. Just recently, a weird noise was recorded coming from space, and what’s freakier is that the sound source is believed to be coming from a star.

Researchers at the University of Birmingham have studied the recent “stellar noise” that sounded like the moans or groans from a distressed computer. They detected so-called “resonant acoustic oscillations” inside a star in “M4,” one of the oldest known stellar clusters in the galaxy. M4 is actually a lot older than the star cluster which our own solar system belongs, estimated to be around 13 billion years old.

Scientists also found out that the noise is leading to tiny pulses in the star’s brightness. This finding could allow better understanding of the most ancient stars in the galaxy.

“Just as archaeologists can reveal the past by excavating the earth, so we can use sound inside the stars to perform Galactic archaeology,” stated by Professor Bill Chaplin of the University of Birmingham.

Meanwhile, Dr Andrea Miglio compared the stars as “living fossils” of the universe, and by further studying the contents of these stars, specifically the detected stellar noise from M4, we can have more advanced knowledge about the origin of the galaxy.”We cannot ‘listen’ directly to the stars, but we can measure the surface manifestation of sound waves that are trapped in the stellar interior by monitoring the star’s brightness changes in time”

“We were thrilled to be able to listen to some of the stellar relics of the early universe. The stars we have studied really are living fossils from the time of the formation of our Galaxy, and we now hope be able to unlock the secrets of how spiral galaxies, like our own, formed and evolved.”

Check out the video below to hear some sounds from our solar system!

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