Putting a stop to land clearing would have a major impact on the fight against carbon emissions

A recent report has found that stopping the land clearing completely in Australia by the year 2020 could drastically cut the continent’s greenhouse gas emissions and would help the country achieve its 40 per cent of emission reductions target by 2030.

The research firm known as RepuTex reports that ceasing all land clearing between 2021 and 2030 could save around 300-650m tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. This is around the amount of carbon emissions that Australia produces in a single year!

Image Source: www.theguardian.com

According to estimates by the Wilderness Society, Australia produces 500m tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions each year. With the data gathered, these emissions will increase to just under 600m tonnes by 2030 if nothing changes.

Additionally, if the clearing of Australia’s land would stop as soon as 2020, the emissions would be cut by a 100m tonnes. To also help with this issue, investing in tree-planting projects could also further cut emissions by another 200m tonnes.

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According to Lyndon Schneiders, national director of the Wilderness Society, “The Australian government must consider ending land clearing and deforestation in its climate review as well as cutting fossil fuel pollution.”

He says that, “Deforestation and land clearing has a double impact on climate change. The trees can no longer draw carbon pollution out of the air and they also release carbon and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere as they are burnt or rot.”

Schneiders also adds that, “Ending land clearing would be a fast, cheap and effective way to cut Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions as well as critical in protecting wildlife and biodiversity.”

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