Swarm Of Locusts Descend Upon Russia In Chilling Video

​Check out this hair-raising video of a swarm of locusts descending upon a road in Russia!

The frightening swarm was caught on video while a driver drove along a quiet road in the Tarumovsky District of southwestern Russia’s Republic of Dagestan. This area has been reported to have recently been plagued by an invasion of the insects.

Image Source: www.ecr.co.za

A camera had caught the unsettling occurrence, as the thick swarm had forced the driver to stop driving.

Authorities as well as the Ministry of Food and Agriculture in Dagestan have declared a state of emergency in parts of Russia due to this locust invasion.

This was declared right after approximately 112,000 hectares of land had been lost due to the hungry insects taking over the area. An average swarm of these insects can consume the same amount of food as 10 elephants or 2,500 people, and they are said to travel distances of up to 130 kilometres in a day!

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