April 2017

Say Goodbye to Plastic Bottles and Say Hello to the Edible Water

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Edible Water Bottle Orb created by Skipping Rocks Lab Aims to Eradicate the use of  Plastic Drinking Bottle in the World Only one out of five plastic bottles is being recycled according to Environmental Center of Colorado. The other four contribute to the 3 billion pounds of plastic bottles accumulated to the land fills each year. These plastic bottles emit one hundred times more greenhouse gases than [...]

September 2016

The Use of Fish Biowaste to Produce Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters

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All over the world, different kinds of fish are being consumed everyday. Due to the large consumption of fish, there is a large amount of fish biowaste produced. Because of this, a team in India at Jadavpur University in Koltata has been studying the recycling the fish by-products into energy harvester for self-powered electronics. The researchers knew that the scales of fish contain collage fiber that has piezoelectric properties. This [...]