October 2017

How animals see the world in comparison to humans

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All creatures see the world in different ways. As this infographic from GAP outlines, while the human eye is pretty amazing, other animals see the world in their own unique way. For example, many people believe that dogs see in black and white but this isn’t true at all. Their colour vision isn’t quite as good as ours and they mainly see in browns, blues, and yellows. The reason [...]

Study Reveals That Dogs Can Smell a Person’s Emotions

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A recent study published in Animal Cognition has revealed that animals (such as dogs) really can smell our fear, as well as our other emotions; and it can make them feel these emotions too! The study shows that dogs can use their sense of smell to accustom themselves to their owner’s or a certain human's emotions and mood. According to Biagio D’Aniello, the lead author of he study from the [...]

August 2017

Blue dogs spotted along the streets of New Mumbai

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New Mumbai had quite the peculiar sight as locals observed a few stray dogs padding along the streets and sporting a vivid shade of blue on their furs. As unique as they may look, it seems that these canines may likely have taken a dip in a heavily polluted river or body of water. The dogs were seen in the Taloja industrial area of Navi Mumbai, where a lot of [...]

June 2017

Pet Therapy Dogs Bring Happiness to Patients at Royal Trinity Hospice

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Royal Trinity Hospice in the United Kingdom has welcomed its very first pet therapy dog! This was initiated with the means to bring about both comfort and companionship to the patients situated at the hospice, led by a black Labrador named Chilli and her owner Claire. Image Source: www.royaltrinityhospice.london The duo came to visit a lot of patients, and the patients in turn were happy enough to stroke [...]

April 2017

Boy With Vitiligo Gains Confidence Back After Befriending Dog With Same Skin Condition

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Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk A heartwarming moment was shared between a little boy from Arkansas who has been diagnosed with vitiligo and a dog who also suffers from the same skin condition. Boy With Vitiligo Gains Confidence Back After Befriending Dog With Same Skin Condition Eight-year-old Carter Blanchard was diagnosed with vitiligo back in 2014, which is a skin condition that causes white patches to appear around his [...]

Disabled Dog Gets Company From His New Guinea Pig Best Friend

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Image Source: www.today.com It seems that an unlikely friendship has once again sprouted among our animal friends, and this time it's a dog and guinea pig duo! Rex, the elderly and disabled boxer puppy has managed to make a new best friend in Smores, the cute little guinea pig. Wherever Rex wanders off to, Smores follows close behind or even jumps onto his pouch on Rex's wheelchair. [...]