September 2017

Boron discovered on Mars supporting theory of life on planet

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NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has discovered the existence of Boron on Mars, particularly in the Gale Crater, giving us new evidence that the planet may have supported life. How important is boron in supporting life? Boron is considered to be an interesting element by astrobiologists since, on Earth, it is thought to stabilize the sugary molecule ribose. It is a key component of ribonucleic acid [...]

Elevated zinc and germanium levels on Mars bolster evidence for habitable environments

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New data has been gathered by the Mars Curiosity rover which indicate that the Gale Crater on Mars may have had a history of hypothermal activity. The new study broadens the variety of habitable conditions that were once present on the red planet. Scientists have found concentrations of both the elements Zinc and Germanium to be up to 100 times greater in sedimentary rocks in [...]

June 2017

Recent study suggests that Mars was capable of supporting life longer than what was previously thought

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These pale zones called "halos" were found in the border bed rock fractures seen in this 2015 image from NASA. NASA's Curiosity rover discovered evidence that the Red Planet harboured a possibly habitable lake-and -stream system in the ancient past. This happened shortly after landing down inside Mar's 96-mile-wide (154 kilometers) Gale Crater in August 2012. Recently, Curiosity has found "halos" of silica-rich bedrock surrounding fractures nearby [...]

Mars is emerging from an ice age as it undergoes climate change, study shows

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It turns out that Earth is not the only planet in our solar system that is experiencing climate change. It appears that Mars is also undergoing climate change but not due to fossil fuel emissions of course, but after emerging from an ice age, this is according to a study released last Friday in the journal Science. The research shows that the red planet, which has inched closer to [...]

Meet Robb Kulin, one of twelve new astronauts selected for NASA’s astronaut candidate class of 2017

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video source: One audacious SpaceX employee was one of 12 candidates selected for NASA's astronaut class of 2017. He is now incredibly excited to go wherever his adventure in space will take him. Robb Kulin is an engineer from Anchorage, Alaska, 33 years old, and has spent six and a half years being a senior manager for flight reliability at the private spaceflight company SpaceX. Prior to that, [...]

Here are a few fun facts about our solar system that you may not know!

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New study has revealed that the simple facts about Solar System are not really like what we think it is. Going back to what has been taught to us during our elementary days, Mercury is considered as the hottest planet, Earth is said to be perfectly round, and the Sun is yellow in colour. These simple "facts" are known to most people who are not experts when it [...]