March 2017

NASA’s Maven Satellite Avoids Colliding With Mars’ Moon Phobos

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Mars' moon Phobos and MAVEN spacecraft orbits. Image source: Every so often uneventful things happen in space, and NASA's own Mars satellite MAVEN was no exception. The space agency said in a statement on Thursday March 2, that it had to take countermeasures to avoid their science satellite from colliding with Mars' moon Phobos.  The evasive maneuver had to be done asap as it was estimated that [...]

June 2016

Here’s a Close up of the Frosted Dunes on Mars

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The image above was taken in March 2016, while Mars was experiencing its late winter in the southern hemisphere. As the sand dunes encompass and cover much of this area on the planet, they are just getting enough light from the sun in defrosting off their seasonal cover of carbon dioxide. Scientists at NASA have reported that the appearance of the frozen dunes is due to the temperature on Mars [...]