September 2017

Boron discovered on Mars supporting theory of life on planet

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NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has discovered the existence of Boron on Mars, particularly in the Gale Crater, giving us new evidence that the planet may have supported life. How important is boron in supporting life? Boron is considered to be an interesting element by astrobiologists since, on Earth, it is thought to stabilize the sugary molecule ribose. It is a key component of ribonucleic acid [...]

June 2017

Recent study suggests that Mars was capable of supporting life longer than what was previously thought

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These pale zones called "halos" were found in the border bed rock fractures seen in this 2015 image from NASA. NASA's Curiosity rover discovered evidence that the Red Planet harboured a possibly habitable lake-and -stream system in the ancient past. This happened shortly after landing down inside Mar's 96-mile-wide (154 kilometers) Gale Crater in August 2012. Recently, Curiosity has found "halos" of silica-rich bedrock surrounding fractures nearby [...]

March 2017

Mars Radiation Shield Set for Trials on Lunar Missions

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Image source: A vest that has been designed to help protect astronauts from dangerous solar particles in space has been set for trials on a lunar mission. In addition, it is ready for deployment on any manned mission to the red planet according to the shield’s Tel Aviv-based developers. The AstroRad Radiation Shield has been designed by StemRad, which has already developed a belt to help [...]

NASA’s Maven Satellite Avoids Colliding With Mars’ Moon Phobos

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Mars' moon Phobos and MAVEN spacecraft orbits. Image source: Every so often uneventful things happen in space, and NASA's own Mars satellite MAVEN was no exception. The space agency said in a statement on Thursday March 2, that it had to take countermeasures to avoid their science satellite from colliding with Mars' moon Phobos.  The evasive maneuver had to be done asap as it was estimated that [...]

October 2016

Mars Astronauts May Be At Risk Of Brain Damage

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Curiosity MSL Mars Science laboratory Credit: NASA Researchers at the University of California Irvine said that explorers making a trip to planet Mars may be at risk of serious brain damage due to the amount of cosmic radiation to which they are subjected. The damage might have an effect on their memory, as well as increase their anxiety levels. The study which was published in the Nature Journal [...]

June 2016

Curiosity Finds New Evidence That Mars Once Had Explosive Volcanoes

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Since NASA sent the Curiosity Rover to Mars, the public has seen many astonishing images of the red planet at close range. It provided the scientists with much needed information to understand our closest neighbour in the solar system. Recently, Curiosity has found evidence that Mars might have had active volcanoes. This latest finding is quite significant because it is largely believed that Mars does not have tectonic plates. Curiosity [...]