Excitement grows as total solar eclipse approaches

total solar eclipse US

The upcoming solar eclipse in the US on August 21 is expected to become the “most photographed, most shared, most tweeted event in human history,” according to one astronomer who is closely following the eclipse. Many cities and even small towns that are along the path of the solar eclipse will be welcoming millions of people who will be coming to view the event.

total solar eclipse US

In fact, many events and programs will be held in these small counties which will be attended by people from all over the US and some from other countries. Media outlets and scientists will also be getting the best spots along the path to have the most comprehensive coverage, and will be broadcasted live to millions of people on TV as well as on the web.

Interest in this particular eclipse has spiked across the country in the past few months based on Google’s data. It is also worth mentioning that most of the searches are related to the path of the total eclipse which cuts through the middle of the country, and interest lowers the farther you go from the path of the eclipse.

total solar eclipse US

According to experts, the difference between a total eclipse and a partial eclipse is literally the difference between night and day, and even this is reflected on the Google searches. Online users within the path of totality are searching for information about the eclipse up to 10 times more than users who are outside of it. Many of the searches are related to information on the path of the solar eclipse, its exact time, and the special glasses needed to watch it without burning your eyes. With this data, it is safe to assume that people are definitely looking forward to it.

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