United States to experience first coast to coast total solar eclipse in 100 years!

total solar eclipse over united states in 100 years
A total solar eclipse will cross the United States on August 21, and many people are expected to travel and be in the best place possible to experience it. This will be the first total solar eclipse going coast to coast across the US in almost a hundred years. 99 to be exact.

The solar eclipse will be most visible along a path that goes from Oregon to South Carolina. While there are many places for people to see this spectacle, there are select spots being recommended in which the eclipse will be seen better. In addition to the view, these spots also have the availability of accommodation, local events, and most importantly, the likelihood of good weather so clouds don’t ruin the beautiful view!

In fact, it can be a challenge to choose the best place when you have such a wide path to choose from across the country. But some people are expected to head over to Carbondale, Illinois to Southern Illinois University (SIU) as they will be having an event to celebrate the eclipse, with about 45,000 people expected to attend.

total solar eclipse

Carbondale is one of NASA’s broadcast locations as it is well along the eclipse path, so the day will include a live presentation with experts. In addition, the American Astronomical Society will also use Carbondale as its home base, and is expected to be part of the live program. The scientists who will be on the ground will be launching balloons to further study the eclipse and provide more data from it.

As for the weather, it is definitely a huge factor for many people traveling to experience the solar eclipse. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) created a map for reference. While it is based on historical weather data and not a forecast for the day of the solar eclipse in August, it is showing that it is likely clouds will be along the eclipse path. These forecasts will be updated as the event comes near.

If you plan on experiencing this incredible display, join in on the Eclipse Megamovie! A first-of-its-kind citizen project that aims to gather scientifically valuable data from the total solar eclipse. Learn more below!

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