See the viral photos of the muscular “mutant pigs” from Cambodia

A pig farm in Cambodia has been getting a good amount of attention as lots of pictures of their pigs have gone viral due to their enormous size! And not only this, but people have also been outraged by the workers handling these pigs after a video found these animals appearing to walk with difficulty.

mutant pigs

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) say that the pigs are probably genetically altered, living up to the label of “mutant pigs.” They wrote on their page: “Mutant pigs bred to grow to an enormous size just to be slaughtered and eaten? … This is the very real horror that seems to be unfolding on a Cambodian farm, where genetically altered pigs are being bred to develop heaping knots of muscle mass.”

But this genetic alteration theory isn’t all that clear, even though it is indeed possible to genetically alter pigs to increase their muscle mass. This desire for the pigs to be just a bit more muscular stems from the increased demand for pork in recent years. The extra muscle mass, therefore, equals more profit.

mutant pig

Like back in 2015, wherein a team of scientists from South Korea created “double-muscled” pigs by tweaking the gene that regulates muscle production. However, according to Jin-Soo Kim, the lead researcher for the study at Seoul National University, this type of tweak could have been done through other means. “We could do this through breeding, but then it would take decades.”

This method was not approved for human consumption, and in all the experiments done, no genetically modified animal has been approved.

Video Source: AAKH NEWS via

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